They make laser modules that are so small.. you could most likely mount one in place of the bulb in a kalart focuspot, or in place of the bulb and one battery. I believe there are tiny laser modules that can function off of 1.5V (if the focuspot takes two AA's, i'm not sure)
Make sure it's one with an enclosure and lens.

For a top-mounted rf, you could most definitely stuff one of these laser modules (look on ebay) in place of the bulb. A little bit of bluetack/putty whatever.

It's also possible that you could find some narrow tubing, pvc or the like, maybe even an elbow/right angle that has a diameter which would fit the Kalart hole and jam it in there. If you look at the threading of the hole and the focuscope, it's very simple and you could probably rig something pretty easily. Anyhow, you could put a laser module and battery in the tubing, or at least hold the module and wires to a separate batter pack mounted on top of the camera.

What i'd really like is a DIY focuscope with optics as finding a focuscope on ebay is painful (almost easier to buy a camera with one!)

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I have also used a laser pointer to calibrate my rangefinder and it works great.. Been looking for a way to mount it on my graphic for a while..