If you want a very basic metol/hydroquinone developer for processing film destined for platinum printing, Ansco 47 is great.

I have used it for years for my 8x10 stuff. Every now and then I get sidetracked by some packaged or fancier developer but when I go back to Ansco 47 I always love it. It gives you nice snappy negs that have sparkling highlights that need no restrainer or very little. It is great on skin and on white backgrounds. You mix it up easily and cheaply and a tray of it lasts a long time.

Metol 2.25 grams
Sodium Sulfite 67.5 grams
Sodium Bisulfite 1.5 grams
hydroquinone 4.5 grams
Sodium Carbonate 9 grams
Potassium Bromide 1.2 grams
water to 1.5 liters

The last few days I have been processing Arista EDU 100 (Foma) at 70 for 7 minutes and the negs are clean and unmottled and perfect for platinum printing.

Just thought I would pass that along. Probably not for silver printing unless it is flat lighting..