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I've got nothing against scanners (and you don't need to justify using one) but some of them do behave oddly when they are dealing with opaque grains/grain clumps when the grain 'size' is in the same ball-park as the scanner resolution. Just another influencing factor
That's true, especially if you have anti dust/scratch software running as it can knock out small gaps between grains by interpreting them as dust spots. However, is there really that much difference in the grain between the shots you posted? One shows a lot of detail, the other large areas of mid tone. Grain always tends to be more visible in the latter than the former even though objectively the same size. I never did much like Tri-X because of the grain, although I am having to use it now since Delta 400 vanished in 220. If you don't like it but need the speed you can always use Delta or Tmax.

Incidentally, I notice that the Pro medium format version of Tri-X is rated at 320. Is it the same emulsion or is it really a bit slower?