per kwmullets suggestion I thought I would start this thread.
I took this photo....
old steel mill
in an old abandoned mill in downtown austin near the rail road.
Ive driven by it many times and always wanted to venture in.
I finally just stopped by and started knocking on doors of buildings near by it. its in a fairly populated area with many businesses surrounding it. so eventually I found the people who owned the old building (ironically, they run a construction business) I told them I was a photographer and loved shooting in places such as this - old decaying industrial and rural places - and that I would like to explore inside to shoot some. They asked if I would provide them prints and I gladly obliged. I was given open access and was quite honestly only limited by the three 8x10 film holders I own.
it will be worthy of a revisit in the near future for sure.

just thought I would share per the request of kwmullet