Along the lines of marketing, the city in which I live has an art gallery which has been in existence for well over 20 years (that I am aware of). This gallery is a cooperative in which the members buy into the cooperative.

The work load is spread among the members, with each member of the cooperative obligated to a certain number of days or hours spent in attending the public at the gallery.

Periodically, several of the members have their new art production exhibited at the gallery (this changes from time to time). So that while all of the members art is shown, there is an emphasis on each of the members periodically.

Additionally, the gallery has developed contacts and display locations for the members art, apart from the gallery. One of those locations, among others, is a medical clinic which has a large amount of daily traffic. I wonder if a cooperative would be a viable alternative for those in the photographic community? Would this work on only a local or regional basis? Would it be possible to have a national network?

There is a firm in Kansas City, Mo. (I forget their name) that arranges for traveling national showings of artists work. I noticed recently that Clyde Butcher has arranged with this firm to exhibit his work around the country. They seem to indicate to prospective displayers of represented work the square feet of wall space that a particular exhibit requires. This then allows the prospective showers whether the exhibit would work in their location. Would a cooperative effort be capable of gaining exposure along these lines as well?

I would like to hear your views on the above questions. Additionally, please indicate any criticism or concerns that you would have.