It's been a long time since I used ferrotype plates, but here are some hints:
The paper should be the "F" surface (Ferrotyping), for glossy surfaces.
They've got to be sooper clean... try a no-scratch kitchen cleanser (Bon-Ami works very well)
Waxing the surface helps... try a floor or car wax, well polished.
The print should be given a final rinse in a rich, sudsy Foto-flo bath...
Don't drain the print before laying it on the plate... no "dry" areas on the print... "slop" it onto the plate.
Squeegee the print only after it's in full contact with the plate.
Let the print "pop" off, don't try to coax it off too soon.
If you like mirror smooth prints, it's hard to beat ferrotyping, even tho it's a hassle

If you prefer the air dried surface, most folks dry their prints on screens & flatten 'em later (as Dennis says).
I even have an old mangle (rotary clothes dryer) I got at a garage sale the works pretty good.
A few years ago Salthill (remember them?) sold a good print dryer that I cloned.
It works better than anyting else that I have tried in the last 60 years of makin' fotos...

Take a look...

Have fun.