Hello, I somewhat recently (4 months ago) moved to Dallas from New England/New York and have had far more difficulty finding a photo related job here than I thought I would. I don't know if the industry in this area has shrunk since I moved, perhaps due to the economy or if I just don't know where to look or what. It seemed like there were tons of classifieds for jobs in the photo industry prior to me moving here that were easy to find.
I have a BFA in Photo from Rhode Island School of Design, one of the best schools in the country, often beating out every school, even Yale in national college rankings, and is one of if not the most prestigious and competitive schools in the world with a far reaching reputation. Except for that there seems to be a bubble over Dallas that has prevented anyone from hearing of RISD. I've assisted for some very successful photographers, freelanced as a photographer and digital tech/imaging artist, taught, etc.
I'm basically looking for any kind of job that is related to photography and that i can pay my rent, bills and student loans from. Whether it's as a full time photographer's/studio assistant, administrative assistant, digital imaging, sales, anything really.
If anyone has any advice on where to look or companies to pursue in and around Dallas I would greatly appreciate it.