Re: the firm that arranges traveling exhibitions. Their site is

I am not sure of their requirements. Possibly their site will cover that, if not you may want to email them.

Additionally, are you familiar with Camera Obscura Gallery in Denver, Colorado? I have met the gallerie director/owner (Hal Gould) he is an interesting fellow and a photographer in his own right. Might be an interesting contact for you if are not aware of them. They had a really large pt-pd print by Jerry Uelesman when I last visited. I have seen work by Weston(s), Adams, and Howard Bond so he handles some excellent work. Also had a show by Katz when I was there. He may be interested in your ULF pt-pd work, certainly wouldn't hurt to contact them. He seemed to be slowing down (personally) when I was there last April as he is at an advanced age. He had an assistant working with him.

Hope that this helps. Have a super day and stay cool...we have no problem with that here...LOL