OK. i'll have a go. This here is a picture i took for my college graffitti project. It was an old abandoned car dealers and garage right in the centre of my local town that has since been knocked down to build a mini-mall.
The image was shot the Sunday before Christmas, i knew there was graffitti on the walls 'cause i could just see it through gaps in the (very high) fence. So 7.30 Sunday morning, with snow on the ground and the sun in the sky I managed to haul myself over the fence and in.
It was quite a place, so peaceful, with nothing to say I was in the middle of a thriving market town just starting to wake up. I stayed there nearly three hours, just me, the camera and the dripping of melting snow and ice. Lovely.
Most of the art was local kids so none of it was particularly brilliant but they were very prolific. I rattled off a couple of rolls then just wandered round a while.
Three weeks later it was gone.