Mark -

I think you need to look a bit further.

There was some kind of informal group LF shoot in Golden Gate Park just this past weekend. And there is an informal discussion group that meets in a coffee shop near San Jose on a fairly regular basis that has been announced in either APUG or LFF.

And as Scott noted, there are still some real photographic stores - Keeble & Shuchat is a neat place. In addition to the three places he mentioned, there are at least two shops in Monterrey.

Finally, there are lot of active photography galleries in the Bay Area - three in Carmel, a couple in Monterrey, a few in San Francisco, and one in Mill Valley.

It would be a great place to live - if I could afford it - because in addition to the concentration of photography activities, they don't have this damn snow and ice we have to deal with in the great Northeast!