Thanks for the encouragement 127! I really enjoyed being in the swap, but time demands have become... well, demanding. I posted in the thread "print exchange 3" that I had dropped out due to school, work, renovations. After seeing a real print (instead of book reproductions and internet scans that truely don't do justice) I realized how far I really have to go.(thats a good thing by the way) I hope I never stop learning.
I'll be back (insert accent or evil laugh of your choice) into the print exchange in the future, but when I feel I'm ready (or at least think :rolleyes: I'm ready).
I also encourage anyone NOT in the exchange to consider getting into the program. Or consider the one on one print swap. It really made me think about and strive to do my absolute best with one of my (at the time) favourite shots. After printing it about a billion times, no longer my favourite.
Never be afraid of criticism, it might turn out to be praise. (Ooo I think I just found my "signature"!)