That's great Simon. Unfortunately I'm ruled out.

Stocking with 120 B&W film yesterday all the conventional Ilford 120 film was rather short dated 2002 !!! and only a few rolls of HP5 at that. I didn't check the XP-2. The Forte was of a similar age, but the 25 rolls of Fomopan was only 2 months out of date, all five rolls of Acros 100 were miraculously 2009-12 expiry date. Some of the B&Wv paper must have been well over 10 years old, the shop was well stocked, but with old outdated materials.

Talking direct to IstanbulI was told I could have fresh HP5 in a week but not the Delta 400 I wanted as it wasn't imported in 120 only 35mm.

So it's unlikely I could enter but pigs might fly I still have a few rolls of 120 FP4, Delta 100 & 400 and a Pan F left, plus a few hundred sheets of 5x4 now to find a darkroom or return to the UK before the end of March.