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The book will probably be about 200 pages long with many many figures, charts, and graphs. There will be a lot of formulas as well with data along with them and suggested testing and processing.

It is nearing completion and here is the latest working TOC. Yesterday, I had to revise this a bit and those revisions are not shown yet. I'm still working on it.

Book Contents

Part I

I.1 Light Sensitive materials

I.2 Materials

I.2.1 Silver Nitrate
I.2.2 Halides
I.2.3 Gelatin
I.2.4 Dopants
I.2.5 Doctors and Dyes
I.2.6 Putting it together
I.2.7 Modern making

I.3 Variations to control emulsion
I.3.1 Dilution
I.3.2 Addenda
I.3.3 Finishing
I.3.4 Spectral Sensitization

I.4 Methods

I.4.1 Definitions
I.4.2 Practices in pptn for the home coater
I.4.2.1 Syringes hand
I.4.2.2 Syringes machine
I.4.2.3 Pumps peristaltic
I.4.2.4 Pumps geared
I.4.2.5 Pumps - calibration
I.4.2.6 Flow rate vs volume
I.4.3 Production precipitations
I.4.4 Steps in making
I.4.5 Post Making - Washing
I.4.6 Post Making - Chemical Sensitization
I.4.7 Post Making - Spectral Sensitization
I.4.8 Preparing the melt Pre Coating
I.4.9 Coating
I.4.10 Testing

Part II

II.1 Lab experiments and formulas

II.1.1 Azo types
II.1.1.1 Grade 1
II.1.1.2 Grade 2
II.1.1.3 Grade 3
II.1.1.4 Spectrally sensitized Azo type
II.1.1.5 Warm tone Azo type
II.1.2 Enlarging grades 1, 2
II.1.3 ISO 40 blue and ortho
II.1.4 Alternate formulas
II.1.4.1 Osterman slow plate and lantern slide
II.1.4.2 Browning Matrix Film
II.1.5 Experimentation
II.1.6 Pumped Making
II.1.6.1 Single Run
II.1.6.2 Double Run
II.1.6.3 Triple Run
II.1.6.4 Controlled Makes
II.1.6.5 Constant Volume
II.1.7 Washing Methods
II.1.7.1 Noodle
II.1.7.2 ISO
II.1.7.3 UF

Part III

III.1 Bibliography
III.1.1 Literature references
III.1.2 Patents
III.1.3 Private Communication
III.2 Appendixes
III.2.1 Dictionary Definitions
III.2.2 Chemicals and Equipment for Making
III.2.3 Emulsion Coating Equipment
III.2.4 Pump testing
III.2.5 Notes on Scaling
III.2.6 Useful Molecular Weights
III.2.7 Commonly Used Solutions
III.2.8 Emulsion Speed Tests
III.2.9 Emulsion Contrast Tests
III.3 *** Cookie ****

DVD Contents

Part I Running time ~1.5 hours

I.1 General introduction
I.1.1 Safety
I.1.2 Equipment
I.1.3 Coating methods
II.1 Making an Azo type emulsion
II.1 Weighing
II.2 Preparing the kettle
II.3 Precipitation
III.1 Making an ISO 40 Orthochromatic emulsion
III.1 Weighing
III.2 Making a Silver Nitrate Ammonia complex
III.3 Precipitation
III.4 ISO washing
IV.1 Testing your work

Part II Running time ~1 hour

II.1 Pumped making
II.2 UF washing
Very interesting. When the book is available for sale, I want a signed copy.