Thanks for some of the links, although I do check craigslist'd think it was heroin with how often I check it. There just aren't listings there, but I will definitely check out some of the other websites recommended.
I guess my problem is that I don't know how to find out who is shooting in Dallas, where they're shooting, for whom they're shooting, etc. The industry is just turning out to be entirely different than in New York and New England.
I do have credentials outside of school. Aside from my regular retail, administrative, food service, etc. jobs, I've assisted for some very successful photographers in New York and freelanced as a photographer but primarily as a digital tech and consultant. I've dabbled with teaching and tutoring and do have interest in that, my very long term goals do include pursuing a Masters. But until then I just need semi-stable jobs.
Right now I'm just looking for literally anything involved with photo, ideally something that would involve digital imaging. But I've even applied for a receptionist job at a photo lab, which is something that right now I'd be happy with, I just need to be involved with photo in any way to keep me sane and it's hard right now because I have no connections here at all. I'm completely new to the area, have no friends, family, colleagues, classmates, nothing in Texas.