No nothing about the commercial end, other than some bits from direct contact. There is a market, though it may seem hard to find. If you can make it over to Southside on Lamar, Sat 6-8, there are three of us having a show at the Janette Kennedy Gallery. Southside is a small artist market, and I know there is at least one photographer working in there. Check out some of the local Texas Photographic Society folks that might be working in the area, and see if there isn't a local PP of A chapter with contacts. Also, consider some of the shops where these folks might be looking for rental equipment - Light TEC in Dallas is one, stop talk with the guys at the counter, pick their brains..they might have something, might not. Good luck

BTW - there is an area refered to as the photo distrct, medical district, market district, etc that runs along Industrial Ave, and you might try contacting some of the grad school folks at UNT (there are one or two that drop by here).