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I'm surprised you couldn't find 120 Delta400 in Istanbul. It shouldn't be a problem. I have bought and used it here.

Also, you're welcome to use my darkroom if you can make it to Istanbul. My enlarger can take 6x6 negs and I can print up to 16x20.

Thanks Omar, I may take you upon that offer, I'll PM you

I've enquired before with the regards to Delta 100 in 5x4 & 400 in 120 and been told they aren't imported, but this may have changed. My nearest decent photo shop in Izmir is has it's main store in Istanbul and they are very helpful, I also spoke to the Ilford importers two years ago.

It was remiss of me not to say thanks to Simon in my earlier post for all his support to APUG & its members and for coming up with this competition.