Mike ware approach of the process is as good as ziatype but in opposite to Sullivan which keep to the POP part of his process (He talk of the DOP also but present it as a POP) MW talk also of the DOP part of his process. If you keep The RH @70% you wont need any developer but if you go under you'll need some for the Ware version. Sullivan method is less sensitive to humidity and you can go down to 50% as lithium palladium seems to absorb more humidity than ammonium salt.

What ever you MW is really a good and scientific reading. And when I want to make similar seris in Ziatype I use his Humidifing method to keep my Ziatype paper at the same RH to obtain the same Speeds and tone.

I think that many user of the ware just use both method depending on the tone they want. I prefer to keep both this process POP . Even if some great tone can be achieve if you dry them well and develop ad DOP.

Ware/sullivan/ Willis/pizzigheli are all good but you should choose your modus operandi to obtain perfect image.

Platinum printing an be boggling if you start playing with all the parameter so keep in mind to change only one parameter at time.