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Thanks Trevor, I'll get those ones then. About your light box, did you make it yourself? Is it worth me getting my cousin to make me one or shall I just go for 2 lamps to begin with? i'm just doing 10x8's for starters.
Gareth, I made my own from a bedside cupboard I bought from a house clearance shop. See pic.

You can try a couple of lamps to see how things go, but it depends on what alternative process you are using. I wanted mine for Pt/Pd printing so I knew I would need a fairly high light output. My 9x25W UV lamps give me an average exposure of 5 minutes with the contact print frame at a distance of 6" from the lamps. You can also use UV tubes, most people do but I wanted this setup for other forms of contact printing. So when I don't want UV lighting I simply remove the UV lamps and replace them with a 75W opal lamp. The whole setup is connected to an enlarger timer.

I don't go any larger the 8x10 but the cabinet will take 12x16".

Hope this is of some help?