Just received my print from Gary P (Gbphoto). Alll I can say is wow. Rarely do I see prints with this wide of light range pull into a print what would be there visually. Better Printing than I have seen in some shows.
John Berry (vet173)
I had a chance to print some of the lodima. Bottom line, I will walk past any box of Azo to buy this paper. Prints are flatning and later today test strips will be toning mules. Rather than pick a shot and pound on it for a while, I tried a lot of different density range negs to see what the paper likes. So the shots are nothing to really rave about, but kind of lets you know what the paper will like. Exposed to my broke brains best vision of purdy. With the paper at such a premium. These would be good work prints, no burning or dodging so you could see where stuff wants to fall naturally. So give the paper about 20% more credit than shows up in a sub optimum presentation. Plus there is always the constant problem with the loose nut at the end of the cable release.