I use a Koni Rapid Omega 100. I have been using a Vivitar 283 flash with it, but I would like to find a better solution. In particular, I would like more power and a more solid mounting scheme. I have always felt uneasy with hot-shoe mounting the 283 as it seems like it is about to snap off at the shoe. The all metal hot shoe replacements sort of illustrates that others have broken flash shoes.

I borrowed a Metz 45 CT-1 to try, but soon discovered a fault with using this flash on this camera. The “some love it, some hate it” hand grip of the Koni makes my arm bonk into the flash mounting bracket when the flash is on the left (while looking thru the camera). Whoa – just flip the bracket around & mount it on the other side! Two screws and… dang, it interferes with the yank&shove film advance. Can’t do it on the right.

I assume there must be some ol’ dyed-in-the-wool wedding photographers who lugged a Koni all over, with suggestions for an on-camera flash.