With the printing industry going digital, you might find a plate burner to be a cheaper and better option. I debated making a light source and ultimately decided a Nuarc 26-1k would be better for a few reasons:
Cost: If you look around you can find them in good/excellent condition in the $200-$400 range
Dodging/Burning: Because the light source is well above the image, it is very easy to do dodging and burning. This is far more difficult in the small self contained units.
Vacuum Easel: This provides excellent registration and saved me the expense of buying a contact printing frame. In fact, the cost of a good CPF nearly pays for the machine. The size of the vacuum mat is 22"x26" and there's probably a useable protion of nearly the full size.
Replacement Parts: Still avaliable new and used.
The only downside is it's not really portable.
Just a suggestion-Peter