I looked at the Cycle Graphic for my #8 Outfit. I'm not sure about the front bellows attachment, but I suspect it is just glued on. Probably with hide glue, which softens in water. You might try laying a damp tissue along the glue line for a few minutes, then gently try to slip a dull knife blade between bellows and wood frame. The rear attachment looks just like an early 8X10 Deardorff I took the bellows out of. You are right - glue and nails. I guess when they built these cameras, they weren't thinking of making bellows replacement easy for someone 80 years later. I don't remember how I pulled the nails on the Deardorff. I'd try slipping the tip of a cheap import jeweler's screwdriver under the nail head and pry up. Use folded cardboard or something to pry against so you don't damage the wood. Once the head is up a little, a pair of small wire cutters (hobby shop or electronics) can be used to pry the nail the rest of the way out. You don't want to squeeze hard enough on the handles to cut the nail off. Needle nose pliers might work well too. The nails in the corners inside the revolving back frame look like fun to get to. You may have to unscrew the whole frame and get it out of the way. I hope you can take pictures as you do this and post it for the rest of us. I don't think it will be really difficult, just very time consuming. But then that is almost the definition of Cirkut photography. Keep us posted on your progress.