hello every one, I'm a student in a engineering, (systems and innovation) in france, I live between france and morocco where I was raised.
so... what brings me here?
light! I began photography with my mom's pentax P30t, and even if i've tried some digital slrs, I can't get the same feeling with them.
so now i'm the happy owner of a super-A, and a MEsuper with seven lenses, and they make me happy everyday as I always have one with me and shoot approx ten shots a week.

I love low light shots, where light can be sculpted, and you have to wait for your subject to be in the right place, in a good posture, makes me feel like I'm sculpting with light.
always looking for the decisive moment it's also a great pleasure to process in my dark/bath room.

happy to get to know you!

(sorry about my low level english, foreign language teachers here do really suck)