Here is the description. It is filled with 60+ images and is half a reference book on stand development:

"Iridescent Light - The Art of Stand Development" is the reference book on how to do stand development. Stand development is a variation of regular black and white film development whereby developer is diluted and the development step is extended from the typical five to ten minutes to one to three hours. What results is pure magic–a silvery, iridescent image with a beautiful, long tonal range.

Half of the book is instructional, and the other half, beautiful images illustrating the technique. For anyone wanting to process their own black and white film using this easy technique, this is the new bible. Filled with comparisons of film and developer combinations, several combinations of materials and processes, you will have the information to get you started with stand development.

Iridescent Light also encourages experimentation with different developers and additives. How easy is Stand Development? Agitate your film as usual for the first five minutes, then put your film tank aside for a few hours. The catch? You have to use the right film and developer in the right dilution.

Find out how household Borax can improve your process. Learn how Vitamin C not only prevents scurvy, but also produces improved results with any development technique. Which films and developers are the best? It is all in this book. Get the coffee table book packed with how-to techniques.

"Iridescent Light - The Art of Stand Development" is 120 pages, beautifully printed on premium paper, and on sale now at in hard and soft cover. Ships Internationally. You can preview the book at

Michael Axel