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In fact the research & sales departments didn't know that the "Barfen" liquid emulsion at that time was made by Ilford. It was only when someone from Ilford sales approached the company behind Barfen branded products that they found it was from the Ilford Nuclear emulsions division, based in London.
Ian, can you give more details on this "someone" and how you came to learn it was an Ilford product?
I wonder how accurate your 2nd hand info really is...
I say that with no disrespect intended...
it is just that my 2nd hand info clashes with yours... again.

In 1995, I learned that Barfen emulsion was a Kentmere product; and that makes a lot of sense. The nuclear emulsion could of course have been used, but it would have been different in nature from the ordinary emulsions and this probably could have been noticed by a side by side comparison.

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