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Fujifilm is here? Is there any way that we could encourage them to make a 4 inch by 5 inch sized "instant film pack" similar to their 2 & 1/4 by 3 & 3/4 size that they offer already? Or perhaps single sheet 4 by 5 instant film?
Said 4x5 instant pack films already exist, both colour and black and white - FP100C45, FP100B45, FP3000B45 IIRC.

Anyway, that's great stuff Sean. With their choose-film initiative in the UK and opening up their own direct order service, Fuji certainly seem to be giving all the signs that they are committed to growing (or perhaps redefining/fighting the decline in would be better phrases) the analogue market, and this is another very positive sign. I may even have to start trying to like Velvia at this rate . (I love their instant films and Provia 400X already though, so it's definitely great news.)

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