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My sources weren't 2nd hand as I was direct discussions with Ilford at the time, and trialling Ilfospeed Grade 3 emulsion, which they wanted to sell to me. I was taken for lunch in Alderley Edge by Ian? Pilkington and a senior research chemist and it was while talking over our meal I mentioned the Barfen product. In the end after discovering the Barfen emulsion came unofficially from the Nuclear emulsions division the senior management made a policy decision not to supply any raw emulsions to outside companies. This was some time around 1983 give or take a year, so it's quite likely Barfen turned to Kentmere for their liquid emulsion. This would tally with your information.

That might explain it, and then the data would tally as you say.

But, it is still fuzzy where the info came from... it sounds (sounded) like you were told, by a sales rep, who was unaware of it at the time you mentioned it, and [here comes the fuzzy part] somehow that person, approaching Barfen handlers, heard that it was Ilfords emulsion, and he told you. That still sounds 2nd hand to me...

So just to be clear, were you told (a)at that meeting, or (b)later, it was an Ilford product? (this part is not clear to me) ...

Was the person who told you involved actually involved in selling it to Barfen people and therefore knew firsthand, or had he got the info from someone else and if so who?

I guess I could go on trying to pin you down, but I won't;
I do not want to appear as though I doubt you, or worse, that I just want to give you a hard time...
it is just that I HATE rebranding when it is done in secret;
I think it is a very bad way to make money and verges on dishonesty.

I have no problem with private labeling as long as the manufacturer is not concealed.

I don't want to add to the confusion; My questions are only meant to separate assumptions from known facts.

Do you or anyone else here know someone involved with Barfen
that might be able and willing to share some first hand knowledge on this?

I will pursue it if someone has a name or email address...

As a small aside, it is interesting that your story of Ilford paralells that of Kodak;
They initially had no policy, but after discovering their uncoated emulsion was being sold for autoradiography, I belive they prohibited it; then allowed it to be sold at a fixed (and higher!) price.

I am not sure if in your "a...decision not to supply any raw emulsions to outside companies.", "outside companies" meant any at all, but as you are undoubtably aware, Ilford's uncoated medical material is again(?) available.

So the two stories sort of mirror each other.

OK well, back to the subject -- On the otherhand,
my Barfen info IS 2nd hand...
(a rather respected 2nd hand but 2nd hand nevertheless!)