Has anyone ever considered local “apug” or “analog” group shows? (Or have such things already been going on?)

As my wife and I came from a exhibition reception last night, she (an illustrator) and I were discussing her putting together a proposal for a gallery exhibition of children’s book illustrators. We live in the DFW Metro area, and there is actually enough of these people locally that this would be feasible. We discussed this more today at lunch, and it occurred to me: how about local “Film Is Not Dead” shows around the world!

There are enough apugers and others (such as large format folks) in this area, for instance, that one could put together more than enough work for a gallery installation. There are also a number of galleries in the area that solicit submissions/proposals for exhibitions. This is how my wife did her MFA shows and how the Texas Church Project got into its current venue.

So, I would just like to start a discussion about how interested the membership would be in doing something like this. No specifics yet, just ideas. My initial ideas: the format could be a group show, either open or juried. From my experience with such galleries/venues, there would have to be some commitment of known work in order to submit a proposal, but the proposal would not have to include all of the images that would eventually be exhibited, just a representative sample.

Would “apug”, as an entity, want to have the website formally associated with such things?

Should they be ad hoc by location, or do we coordinate across geographic boundaries?

I mean, groups are always organizing to go out and shoot together; and there are print exchanges. But those are totally within the community. Why not go public?

Just thinking “out loud via the internet” here …