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One of these happened in Ireland late last year. Fintan and thefizz organised it. It was really good and defintely worthwhile .. I say go for it.
Thanks! I just finished reading that whole thread. :o


The Irish project seemed to go well enough. Some slight discouragement in the middle, but everything turned out well and all seemed pleased! (And I learned a few things)

Thanks to the delegates from New England for their comments. Yeah, I agree that scoping it to film (and darkroom) may be more practical than just apug, but that's why I'm asking. The Irish event seemed to run on apug.
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We had a couple so far up here in New England...
Gene: Were those open submissions, are was there a selection process?

And Valerie: Careful what you volunteer for!!! Although judging from the Irish thread, maybe an All-Texas show might work for the first one?

Post your thoughts! Again, just thinking out loud. Thanks!