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Many of us are doing it pretty tough at the moment and photography is quite the luxury.

I hope more people will learn to appreciate the craft of film photography and to add a little sparkle in someone's life, I'm giving away an old Nikon F4 camera with the Nikkor 28mm f2.8 lens with pro grip.

I only picked this item up today and have no idea about the history of this camera and lens and I have not tried them out. The camera body looks well used but seems to work and could do with a clean. This camera is available to a good home as I have no need for another camera and lens.

Visit my blog for full details on how to go in the draw to win this camera. Please pass on the good news.

Paying it forward, (did you see that movie some time ago?)

P.S. I'd be disappointed if it went to some who would just sell it on, rather than have a genuine interest to use it for their own photography.