If anyone is interested, we (my wife and myself) always go to Horseshoe Canyon on the President's Day weekend. This is winter camping and not for for the faint of heart but with a good fire and good company it's great fun (maybe some spirits included). If you're not familiar with it, it's a rare experience to photograph the Great Gallery (do a Google search) without any crowds. We also like to go to an area just north of Horseshoe for several arches and incredible views of the the Green River (Labyrinth). We also like to head to the Glen Canyon/Maze Area for Cleopatra's Chair (the Flint Trail is usually impassible) and a long hike to nice photographic views of the Maze, Island and Needles. We are always the first tracks out after the winter snows. This trip does require 4 wheel drive with extra clearance,extra fuel if you have a Jeep and the weather is usually unpredictable but who would have it any other way. PM me for details if you have any interest.