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Chemical analysis of an Uncoated emulsion will tell you far more than analysing a coated emulsion.
I would like to hear what PE knows about analysis of competitors materials.

I certainly see how it would be easier, and cheaper.
The changes upon drying affect- I belive- mainly pH, pAg (and naturally water content)... things strongly affected by final additions...so if you compared both types of analyses; one might learn more than either alone.

Quite a bit could be learnt either way, if the potential ROI were great enough....but generally, I don't think analysis is of that much use unless you have a specfic problem or goal in mind.

I wonder what Kodak has learned that way?

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You ask too many questions Ray
Yes, I know. I wish I knew more!
The more I knew the less I would ask...
The less I'd ask, the less I'd learn.
The less I'd learn, the less I'd know.
But then,
The less I'd know, the more I'd need to ask!

The more I ask, the more I learn.
The more I learn, the more I know
The more I know the more I forget.
The more I forget the less I know.
The less I know the less I forget
and everyone will agree
The less I forget the more I will know!