Bettersense, I agree with most of the above and here is what I would recommend with just about any ilford b&w paper. First of all, preflash the paper. Assume a paper sensitivity of ~ISO 3 and flash it ~3 stops below what you will expose it for your shot. The sensitivity wil be boosted to ~ISO 5-10 or even higher, and you will also get the benefit of a bit less contrast. Next, expose it rated at ~ISO 10 and develop by inspection in slightly diluter-than-normal developer. Maybe two bath dev, just play around.

Oh, and take two or more shots of everything, remember paper is cheap! So make backups so that you can expeirment a bit with development. Also remember that the warmth of your fingertips can be used during development to boost blacks in some selective areas, so you can fight back contrast a bit that way too.

Remember that the paper is mostly blue/edge green sensitive.

Just enjoy and experiment!