Mike thank you so much for posting this and thank you everyone for the kind words and encouragement.

The talk seemed to go pretty well. There were probably 15+ people there. Spent a little while talking "bio" stuff (how I got into photography, the old cameras, old processes, my interests etc)
Then got into the talking about the prints and plates I had laid out to show people. Talked about the pt/pd process, then spent alot of time talking and "demoing" the wet plate process. People were very interested in that part of the work. How it can and does still get done, the steps involved, etc. Ended up talking for nearly 2hrs.
Even though I don't feel all that comfortable doing the whole public speaking thing, it seemed to go well and I think I only made an a** of myself once or twice.
The best time was when I was showing people the vertical silver tank and I pulled out the dipper and wiped it off with my palm... a few minutes later I have a completely black palm and I said ".... and this is what silver nitrate does to your skin when you don't wear gloves"

thanks again all for the kind words.