I just received this email from Harman's technical support regarding the future of POP.

It is a good answer to lots of what has been discussed on here without a lot of the conspiracy theory.

"Dear Robert,

We have actually not abandoned our plans to re-introduce this product if we possibly can. However, we have some significant hurdles to overcome before we can be sure that we will actually be able to manufacture this product on our plant. The previous formulation was particularly suited to Kentmere's relatively small and simple manufacturing plant, which precludes us simply transferring it to our larger and more modern plant. More importantly though there are also some signiificant Health & safety manufacturing concerns with the old formulation which we will have to overcome in order to turn this into a manufacturable product again. So, while it is certainly our intention to do this if we can, at this stage, I am unfortunately neither able to guarantee that it will come back, or when that might be. I know that this is not good news for anyone and it is frustrating for us too, but I thought you would appreciate a realistic assessment of where we are with our current plans for the product.

Doug Munson at Chicago Albumen Works is aware of this based on conversations I have had with him over the past few months.

I hope that this at least reassures you that we have not just abandoned the product and our customers arbitarily. Simply put, while a market remains for this product which customer inquiries indicate , we will re-introduce it if we can, given the difficulties I have outlined above.

Thank you for registering your concern.

Best regards

Rod for HARMAN techsupport "