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Out of curiosity, I just shot a few sheets of 8x10 in the studio, shot at 1/200th of a second with strobes. I compensated for bellows factor, and both shots are within 1/2 stop of each other. They're in the wash...I'll shoot some digi-snaps of them and post when they're dry.

Again...I would bow to your wisdom, and I wondered if I was seeing different things than you were. I have shot paper in the studio and outdoors, and regardless of the length of exposure it always seems to end up at about ISO 3.


I have not shot my Gretag color checker with my paper negs. That will be the next step for sure!

hi michael

i have tested papers over the years.
at one point i had a chart of maybe 10-15 papers
that i ran iso tests on, from azo to oriental ... rc and fb, graded and vc
i too have never been able to get my paper to agree that it is
iso 25 ... maybe PE is using a bluer light than we were using ..
i have only used daylight and strobes .. and my numbers
are similar to yours ..

PE what lighting are you using, something that is more blue-rich?