Coincidentally, I just start the construction of mine, as well.

Its located in a basement, so headroom is definitely an issue. I'm using a corner which will form an "L". The short leg will have my sink and the long end will be host to the "dry" area.

Since it is an L, I'm seriously considering the pre cut formica counters that Home Depot sells. Quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. My other option is a 3/4" pice of plywood cut to the proper size. This will require cutting, fitting and finishing (two or three good coats of polyurethane). I think I just convinced myself of the formica...

I would be interested in learning about spills on formica tops. Since the stop bath is acidic, I believe, does spilling on the laminate cause staining. I work in an environment which occasionally uses Potassium Dichromate and Sulfuric Acid...Now I know its not the same but that acid really chews up lacquered and painted surfaces when spilled; even when wiped up quickly.