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Dan - I realized I didn't read your post carefully.
What is the "water repellent hydrophobic non-woven
material" called and where do you get it? (and where
do you get the corrugated separators?) Sounds like this
method is worth a try, as I am not the impatient type.
I've not been very specific. The non-woven hydrophobic
material is of polyester and is available at fabric outlets.
I've tested at least four of these thin sheet materials. The
most recent has some body making it easy to handle. It
also is calendered so has none of the fuzz some do.
I can recommend it but will need to pin down it's
identity. Some thing I forgot to do my last
visit to the store.

The corrugated board separators came from Forestry
Suppliers. A dozen, 12 x 18 inch, cost under $10 + S&H.
A search of Google for, plant presses, or, corrugated
ventilators, will bring up quite a few sources.

I've been investigating the corrugated board supplies.
I'm looking for a source of the same board but in
larger size. The above size is good at most to
11 x ?. I believe that specific board is water
resistant; it resists deformation.

I'll PM with in the next few days with that polyesters
exact identity. If you drop by a fabric shop ask to
see their interfacing. If you've a mind, order
a dozen of those ventilator boards. Dan