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Dan, Do us all a favor and post the specifics here rather than in a PM.
I'm interested. Also, are the corrugated boards simply cardboard or
are they something more sophisticated?
Cardboard is nothing more than a heavy, thick paper.
Search Google for, corrugated board . Wikipedia has
a good amount of information and a very good
illustration. Scroll down some then magnify.

Note the choice of thickness. The A flute I've been
using has the greatest of air passage twixt the two
face sheets. Likely the reason it is termed A flute
Ventilator. C flute has nearly as much. B flute
by comparison has constricted air passage.

Any good quality A or C flute corrugated will do.
I think the board I've been using is water resistant.
Although the prints are no more than very damp
when placed on the drying sheets, the humidity
must be close to 100% while the prints are
drying; high enough to warp paper.

Likely I'll need to Email a source or two of those
VENTILATORS in order to know their source.
I'd like to see some larger sheet sizes
made available. Dan