Please look at this thread from post #50 onward. In those posts we discuss this problem in detail. At some point in the make, you adjust the gelatin to 5% - 10% by adding solid gelatin or by adding 20% gelatin solution if that is usable.

Bill, if you look at the formula in your notes, as we discussed before, you will see exactly how this is done.

If the emulsion is too thin to set up, add the gelatin before the wash, if it sets up add the gelatin after the wash. You are all missing that crucial line. Now, the reason for the order of adding the gelatin is this. If you noodle wash and make it 10%, it can become too hard to run through the noodler, so you can add some gelatin before and some after the wash.

You have all apparently forgotten the early parts of this thread, the details of the OP and the exact instructions in the workshop notes.