In case anyone is wondering, the "line" in "line camera" is an (obsolescent?) graphic arts term for what would probably now be called "litho"; anything where continuous tones are not involved. A related term was "screen", referring to halftone screened artwork. So in the back room of a newspaper, one might once have seen "line art" being "stripped in" (with transparent red tape) along with the "screen work" to make up a page for offset printing. I think that somewhere I still have a few boxes with the "line film" nomenclature. This would have been from about 1960 or so.

A graphic arts camera small enough to be moved around would contain most of the basic pieces of a really nifty large-format enlarger. In my misguided youth, my brother and I converted an old De Jure 5x7 enlarger into a horizontal graphic arts camera; going the other way would be both easier and more rewarding for anyone with the space (and big negatives!).