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Ed, your post leads me to my next question...How tuff is c-41 to do???

At least half of the b/w film I shoot is c-41, especially the 120...I'd luv for it to be my next endeavor...
Hope you don't mind if I jump in here on this one, first of all congratulations on your first roll!! Secondly I didn't see any reply to the color development question, it isn't that difficult. I remember my first c-41 roll I was all kinds of nervous, but alll you have to do is keep it all in the correct temperature, and keep the bleach and fixer from the developer, oh and faithful agitation for that 3'15" and you are in business. I processed my first c-41 roll in the kitchen, had to be careful of the staining of the counter. Anyway I hope this lends some help in you development quests. Happy processing!

Of course don't forget E-6 that is a reward all its own.