Howdy Wise Ones...

On another thread, Ed Buffaloe mentioned that he keeps a bottle of selenium diluted at 1:15 handy at all times. I mix everything fresh every single time because I don't really know what keeps and what doesn't, and I figure I will know only after I am all set up and to temp and the first piece of paper (or worse, film) comes out looking funny.

So here's the question: What can I premix and keep on a shelf for up to a month?

-Selenium at 1:128 or any dilution, with Permawash in it
-Thiosulfate with and without Bisulfite.
-Stop, at working dilution (currently Clayton odorless, 1:20)

Can't think of anything else I mix from powders currently, other than adding Amidol to sulfite+bromide. But I know that has to be last minute. And I use pyro from liquids, so it doesn't count.