I went a bit crazy this week after looking at some rangefinder images. I wanted to be able to use a leaf shutter camera handheld on the street for some documentary style street photography. I bought the venerable XA from Olympus so I can always have at least one camera with me. I am thinking that I will load some Provia or Velvia in this one for those once in a lifetime images.

Camera 2 is the Yashica Lynx 14E that so many have raved about. It has a fast 1.4 lens and I think this will have some ASA 50 film in it so that I always always have a camera at the ready of B/W film and last but not least...

Camera 3 is a Yashica Lynx 5000. This is the camera in the package with the 14E and I thought it would be a camera that I can grab for 800 or 1600 speed film for those times when I am not near an SLR.

Just wanted to share...but would appreciate any insights you have to share. Are there peculiarities to any of these three that I need to be aware of? Optically, what can I expect? Looking forward to sharing. BTW, I have been lugging my X-570 around all week with the hope that I would have it at the ready when chance met with me. No such luck appeared. Hopefully tomorrow and next week are better.