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...I really really wish I could commit to this. I wish.
It would be really good to have you along Thomas. You'll make it.
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Bill, could you give a rundown on working in conditions like this?
Hi Jeremy! Thanks for asking. I've had Texans with me before and they survived quite well. Actually Iceland's name doesn't do it justice and it is not as icy or brutal as one might think. Figure temperatures at the time we're going to be in the 40 - 50 degree range. It is always good to be prepared for the worst when there and I would suggest a good parka, gloves, head/ear covering and rain gear for good luck. A good pair of Wellingtons can help in wet grounds and tidal pools as well. I've been in some pretty extreme weather in Iceland and even that wasn't any worse than it is outside my door in Michigan right now!

Also... a swim suit is a must if you want to hit some of the warm pools and the Blue Lagoon at the end.