Too bad the USA Jobo reps didn't continue to build the vacuum-formed inserts.

But there is a way to build a similar insert --
Get some flat carpet runner (not the one with the pegs on the backside to prevent slipping).
Go to a stationary store and get some binder posts -- get the short ones. These were used to bind papers using a 3-hole punch. You may have seen them - a flat screw that goes into another screw-like section, with threads inside the tube.
get some RTV.

Use an electric drill to make holes for the binder posts -- screw them in. Put a little RTV on the backside where the post comes through to hold papers using a 3-hole punch.

Like the Jobo inserts, the pins go along both sides of the long direction of the sheet, and on the ends of the sheet locations, BUT you need to make it longer than the sheet -- slightly, so the carpet runner insert can by wound up into a cylinder and shoved into the 3063.

Now you have something similar to the insert sheets that Jobo created.

Kudos to Rod Klukas for this idea. (I haven't had to resort to this as I have a pair of the jobo 7x17 and pair of the jobo 12x20 inserts, but thought I'd post this here to help others). you can build an insert for the 3063 for 2 8x20 or even 3 7x17.