David, once I get home and get your details, I'll send you the details to get at the address list. There's a couple more names going on the list. Sean is going to get sick of my e-mails with 'here's a new list'

I was printing some postcards yesterday (well trying to with my sons aged almost 4 and just over 1 assisting&#33 and I'd printed about 8 and was thinking.. hmm just how many do I need? To the delight of No1 Son, we did another two (he exclaims "ahhh Magic!" as the print appears Not sure what No2 Son thought of being locked in a room with dim red light! ) but I think I needed to print a few more! At some stage I imagine we won't be sending one to everyone on the list all at once!

Also, this pic was a stright print wheras my 1st one had several (4-5) steps to get it right (IMO). Much easier!