I've Googled around and from what I can gather, the 3A's that I have are the rarer of the three models that Kodak made since it was only manufactured for 2 years (1926-28). It seems that people who do try to use them get 122 film from a few suppliers out there who cut other sizes of film down to fit.

I see an auction on eBay that ended the 15th. This 3A was in excellent condition and went for $287.

Here's a little more detail about the two Panoram 3A's that I have:

- The first 3A is in excellent condition, the case is light-tight, the "bellows" (not quite the right term for this camera design but whatever) is also light-tight, the shutter mechanism works fine at both speeds. The film rollers and uptake are all in working order. The only defect as far as I can see is that a piece of the viewfinder has broken off. That piece is with the camera and someone skilled could reattach it I guess.

- The second 3A is disassembled. The pieces could be used to assemble a complete working model or used as repair parts for the first. The case and "bellows" are still light-tight as far as I can tell. In addition, there is an additional lens assembly.

- Both 3A's have their own case which are in good, working, but not excellent, condition. Main issue is that one or two of the folds in the leather are starting to split.

I'm hoping somone can recommend a site or forum where people who are into repairing these or collecting these might hang out. I'd like to get some value out of them but I'd also like to know they're in a good home being put to good use.