I do not really understand what you mean by "cross over the dark side" but never mind.

We are making analog photography, developping, printing everyday or so. We are a non-profit organisation who manage 2 labs which make a total of 15 enlagers. Which is not that bad for a city of 300 000 peoples. We train peoples for shoting, developing, printing, pinhole, soon lith printing. So our goal is absoltly not to shot only one day. We have also set up the exhibition which will make the ADP last a lot more than one day.

We just wanted to make an event to try to make people doing things all over the world. To be clear we have taken the idea from the Pinhole day and we have add this idea of the exhibition. I do not think that peoples (including me) are doing pinhole only one day in a year. I have started pinhole to participate to the last Pinhole Day. Now, I do regularly pinhole photography and in March I will exposed with other pinholers in an exposition near Paris. I thanks the Pinhole Day organisers to have given me that hobby. We are very proud that people from about 13 different countries have upload photographies. We are also proud to have photos from people with obviously a very high degree of skill and people who just wanted to share a photo with us.

And last thing we do not earn any money with that,.

I hope that I have answer your question.