Let's put it like this. There are a lot of us here in the bay area. But... this place is a workaholic pressure cooker.
As some above have said, we tend to be insular. I like other people but my little free time is taken up with kids, house, whatever time I get to do my darkroom work, my other interests, girl friend, etc, etc, not necessarily in that order. I have met Brad S. He actually works less than a mile from me. But get togethers? It just doesn't happen often. I have met a few of other APUGers either when they were leaving town or at the Large Format Conference in Monterrey a couple of years ago.

But... most of my time dedicated to shooting is a spur of the moment thing, the sky looks nice, the cameras are loaded, I feel inspired to haul the Deardorff or rb67 around. More often, the kids want to haul me up to Alum Rock Park for a picnic and I grab the C220 and a half dozen rolls of film. Or the oldest one wants me to take the Zorki out for one of our weekend hikes in a local park.

Sometimes it has to do.

As far as you moving here. Get ready for really boring weather. It's sunny and nice 9 plus months of the year, the rest of the time it usually rains like crazy. Not this year though. It looks like we got three weeks of spotty rain. It's in the high 70s this week and it doesn't look lie it is going to break soon.

And no the food does not compare to N.E.

tim in san jose